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Inverter Shihlin SC3 Series -0.2KW~5.5KW

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17 / 10 / 2022
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Rp. 123

Detail Inverter Shihlin SC3 Series -0.2KW~5.5KW

PT. Motoren Teknik Indonesia jual Inverter Shihlin SC3 Series -0.2KW~5.5KW. Cek disini untuk selengkapnya!

Spesifikasi Inverter Shihlin SC3 Series -0.2KW~5.5KW
- Capacity: 0.2KW(0.25HP) to 5.5KW(7.5HP)
- Compact size
- Output frequency: 0 ~ 650Hz
- Starting torque: 180%/ 3HZ
- Built-in RFI filter
- Low noise at low speed
- Excellent vibration resistant ability
- Easy to operate with optimized knob
- Reasonable absorb circuit and element match, and effectively decrease the low induction voltage by 50%

Main Features:
- High performance vector control
- Built-in operation wheel
- Full PCB coating and isolated air duct
- Dual RS485 communication interface
- Built-in PID controller
- Built-in RFI filter
- Built-in Modbus communication(up to 115200 bps)
- Drive PM motor(Customized model)
- Built-in proportion linkage function
- Built-in 8 sets of programmed operation function
- Built-in 5 point V/F curve
- Built-in multi-function monitoring
- Built-in energy saving algorithm
- Built-in low current/overtorque detection
- Cooling fan auto on/off in different temperature
- 12 sets of alarm record, with detailed information of the latest 2 alarm (with frequency/current/voltage/temperature rising rate/DC bus voltage/operation time record)
- Din rail installation
- External keypad
- Output frequency up to 599Hz
- Output short circuit function

Selain Inverter Shihlin SC3 Series -0.2KW~5.5KW, kami juga jual Inverter Shihlin lainnya. Hubungi kami sekarang juga melalui tombol WhatsApp di bawah untuk informasi lengkap Inverter Shihlin SC3 Series -0.2KW~5.5KW. Dapatkan juga penawaran menarik dari kami.

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